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Excerpts from Testimonials

It pleases me much to accept the invitation to say a few words to introduce my friend Mr. John McConnell and his teachings. His book SAFER THAN A KNOWN WAY will be a classic for generations. His method of teaching is fascinating, with memorable experiments...

Dr. W.E. Deming

Apart from his deeply intimate understanding of the subject matter, John is able to bring it alive and relate it most effectively to the practical work situations of his audience. A unique aspect of John’s abilities is that he is able to communicate most effectively at all levels of an organisation.

During the 4 years of John’s involvement with CSR Wood Panels, the business was transformed in terms of its operational performance.
Overall, I regard John as being without peer in the field of Variation and Process Improvement.

John Purdie-Smith
Executive General Manager
Personnel and Quality

John McConnell has worked with SOLA Australia since 1993, and was first introduced to the company through the Australian CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation) a public body serving the community. He was recommended to SOLA due to his knowledge of Statistics and the relevance of his knowledge to industrial applications.

This holistic approach at SOLA Australia, facilitated & supported by John, has enabled the Australian Operation to increase the quality of the Ophthalmic lenses manufactured on this site and drive costs down to world competitive levels. Through this approach the company has saved millions of dollars, which have gone straight to the bottom line. I have no hesitation in recognising the major contribution that John has made to the SOLA organisation and in recommending that he is unique in his field, with the ability to bring about major & lasting improvements to organisations adopting the Deming philosophy.

Jon Westover
Manufacturing Operations Manager

Mr. McConnell has done a number of projects for the Warner-Lambert Company—all of them focused on helping us remain competitive in the global marketplace. Specifically, he has worked with marketing and sales managers at our world headquarters in New Jersey and with manufacturing employees in our Lititz, PA, facility.

Partly as a result of Mr. McConnell’s work, our senior management has decided to reinvest heavily in our Pennsylvania facility and to focus production for our major global brands, i.e. Listerine and Lubriderm, there. His work with statistical process control has been particularly valuable in that environment. This has retained jobs in the United States.

Jeff McCollum
Global Organization Development Warner-Lambert Consumer Healthcare

McConnell is a “standout” in his field. I have been exposed to many consultants claiming to have the very latest panacea that which ails you. None come near to McConnell both in depth of knowledge of his subject and his ability to translate and teach it.

For many employees, meeting McConnell was a life-changing experience.

Geoff Ward
Combing Mill Group Leader

We have worked with highly respected organizational productivity and statistical methods consultants for more than a decade at Eli Lilly. John brings a unique approach that creates real change in the people in our organization; highly desirable changes that were not created by our other consultants. In the global marketplace, quality is no longer a competitive advantage, but rather a prerequisite. Real-time application of systemic statistical thinking by entire organizations is imperative for Eli Lilly manufacturing to be competitive. In a career spanning more than 20 years and 11 assignments within manufacturing, I have seen no other person able to bring such energy to the potentially tedious arena of TQM.

Kenneth Thomas
Director, Supply Chain Development

John McConnell has conducted training programs at Rib Loc for several years. We use his concepts as the basis of our manufacturing and installation operations, and seen many successes come from it. The content of the course can be applied in any part of the business, and as such, all employees attend.

John’s courses are genuinely fun and informative; a rare combination in this field of Quality training. More importantly, I have found John teachings to be extremely practical, and application of his program relatively easy; yielding significant results.

John Taylor
Operations Manager