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Unlike most leading consultants on the scene today, John McConnell brings a unique blend of academic soundness, an ability to communicate complex ideas in practical terms understandable at every level within an organization, and extensive experience in successfully applying the principles in a variety of work places. His books, his articles, and his lectures stand out for their clarity. His primary strength, however, is his ability to coach senior leaders and to help them see how to apply the fundamentals to their specific operations.

Rush Yelverton
Indianapolis Power And Light

I have engaged John as a consultant on two occasions Lion Nathan Ltd and Mount Isa Mines. On both occasions he provided senior management with very clear directions to run their respective businesses. Both companies benefited with significant improvements in their performance and culture.

The approach John McConnell adopts has been influential and powerful, always gaining commitment from senior management and at workplace levels to adopt his unique methodologies. I have seen it, been part of it and know it works.

The passion with which John speaks, consults and tutors has been refreshing to Australian Industry. Of the many companies I visit and benchmark with, all know of John McConnell and have either applied his methods or engage John as a consultant to train senior management and other employees.

Rob Woodward
Manager, Business Improvement
Mount Isa Mines